2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home's Septic Tank Needs To Be Pumped More Frequently Than Usual

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2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home's Septic Tank Needs To Be Pumped More Frequently Than Usual

2 March 2023
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If you have lived in your house for years, you may have gotten into a specific routine where you call to have your septic tank pumped within a set timeframe. However, if you have noticed that you are having the service come out more often, there are a couple of possible reasons why your home's septic tank needs to be pumped out more frequently than usual. 

1. Water From Leaking Faucets, Drains, or Toilets Is Constantly Flowing Into the Tank So the Solid Contents Never Settle

One possible reason why your septic tank is filling up faster and requiring more frequent pumping is that there is water constantly flowing into the system. Your home may have leaking faucets or drains, or one or more of your toilets has a small leak or mechanical issue that causes it to run all of the time.

If water is running into the tank constantly, the solid contents are never allowed to settle on the bottom. Because this settling does not happen, the bacteria are unable to fully assist in the solid waste's decomposition, which will cause it to accumulate at a faster rate.

2. A Change in the Types of Cleaning Products You Use and Pour Down the Drains and Into the Tank

Another possible reason your tank needs to be pumped more frequently is a change in the types of cleaning solutions that you have used in the past. You may be using more bleach or antibacterial cleaners, and without thinking, are pouring them down the drains in your home.

Since these types of cleaners will kill the bacteria within the tank, their population may have plummeted. If you do not change cleaners or refrain from pouring them down the drains, more bacteria will be killed, causing a faster accumulation of waste within the septic tank.

If your septic tank needs to be pumped more frequently than it has in the past, check to make sure that you do not have any leaking faucets, drains, or toilets that are constantly disturbing the contents of the tank so that the solid waste is not quickly broken down. You should also examine your cleaning products to see if they are not safe for septic systems and avoid pouring them down the drains where they will kill the beneficial bacteria in the tank.

During your next septic tank pumping by a professional service, you can also ask them what you can do to prevent problems that cause more frequent visits. Contact a local septic pumping service to learn more.