3 Crucial Things To Do Before Getting Someone To Pump Your Septic Tank

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3 Crucial Things To Do Before Getting Someone To Pump Your Septic Tank

9 January 2023
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If your home does not connect to the municipal waste management system, it probably has a wastewater reservoir in the yard. That said, several homeowners hardly know how their waste disposal system works, especially if they didn't install it. However, if you do not have sewerage as part of your water bill, the chances are that there is a septic tank on your property. As such, learning more about how it works and ways to maintain it can help you keep your home clean and maintain good hygiene. So, do these three things before hiring a professional to pump your septic tank.

Figure Out The Tank's Location

If the professionals don't know where the wastewater tank is, they can't pump it. For this reason, you must give a detailed description of where yours is located when scheduling maintenance. More so, it's better to wait for the professional and show them where it is, especially if it's their first time. On the other hand, get in touch with a plumber if you've looked everywhere and still can't find your septic tank. They can send state-of-the-art electronic locators to help you out. Also, once you find your tank, make some thorough notes or perhaps a diagram of the location.

Ensure Easy Access

The experts typically uncover the tank's lid to pump out the waste. Note that this opening must be wide enough for easy removal. So, check the surrounding area and let them know if dirt, decking, or a sidewalk is barring your lid. Further, some lids are often buried several feet deep. In this case, you can dig around the system to make access easier for the pumping service expert. However, if you can't excavate the cover, let the pumping service expert know so they can bring the necessary equipment. Also, ask them about putting up a riser to avoid digging up every time. Ultimately, the pipe brings your tank's port of access to ground level, requiring no digging.

Provide Crucial Details

Note that the pumping service experts carry a certain length of hose for the job. So, if your wastewater reservoir is far from a secure parking area, inform the company so they can bring more pipe. Also, move the vehicle and other impediments from your driveway, and report any cables or tree limbs in the area.

Always consult about any other preparations you might have to make before a septic pumping session. This way, the septic service pros will direct you on ways to get ready for a seamless session of pumping out the waste.