Common Septic Tank Problems At Home

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Common Septic Tank Problems At Home

7 October 2022
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If you rely on a septic tank for waste management, you should watch out for some common septic tank problems. Some of these problems may cause sewer line clogs, foul odor, sewer backups, and slow drains. Luckily, residential septic tank repair can help solve all these issues. Some of the common septic tank problems are discussed below.

Tree Root Intrusion

There is a reason why experts install septic systems away from trees. So, don't be tempted to plant trees near your septic tank. In any case, you'll be inviting trouble if you decide to plant trees in your yard. You see, tree roots can penetrate your septic tank or septic lines. And as you know, roots are naturally attracted to water and nutrients. That's why you'll find roots growing towards your septic system. 

Unfortunately, tree root intrusion can cause nasty clogs in your sewer line. Additionally, the roots will leave gaps for wastewater to leak into your yard. You'll have to call a septic tank repair company to correct the issue, and if necessary, you might have to remove the nearby trees.

Ground Movement

Ground movement around your septic tank can cause severe problems. Regrettably, you may miss this issue if you are not keen. That's why inviting an expert to conduct annual inspections on your septic system is crucial. If the ground movement issue is ignored, the septic tank may develop fractures. In some cases, your septic tank will back up or fill pretty fast because groundwater will find its way into the tank.

Damaged Dip Pipe

A damaged dip pipe can be a big problem if you fail to replace it. Without this pipe, solid waste will find its way into the soakaway system. Sometimes the dip pipe will come loose and fall into the tank. And when it does, solid waste will pass into the next chamber of your system. A septic repair company can replace the dip pipe if it gets damaged. If the pipe has fallen into the tank, they will retrieve it before it causes other problems.

Foul Odors

Unpleasant odors can also rock your property if you haven't been pumping your septic tank. Unfortunately, foul odors can make their way into your home, making it uninhabitable. So, if you smell unpleasant odors coming from your sinks and drains, get a septic repair company to investigate the cause. It could be your septic tank is full, your drain field has a problem, or the contents in the septic tank have not been decomposing.

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