Should You Pump Your Septic Tank Ahead Of Time?

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Should You Pump Your Septic Tank Ahead Of Time?

21 September 2022
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If your home's plumbing system experiences multiple problems throughout the year, you may wonder if it's time to replace your septic system. If your septic system is fairly new, you may simply need to pump or clean out the tank ahead of schedule. Your septic tank may be too small to contain your family's daily waste properly. Learn why it may be necessary to pump out your septic tank ahead of time below. 

Why Do You Need to Pump Your Septic Tank?

You measure septic tanks by how many gallons of affluent, or liquid waste, they hold. Large septic tanks can hold significantly more gallons of waste than small septic tanks can. Several factors influence what size septic tank your home needs to maintain and process waste properly, including the number of bedrooms or rooms in your home. The amount of waste your family produces each day can also affect the size of your tank. If your tank doesn't meet any of the criteria above, it may be too small to support your home's needs.

Tanks that are too small to contain or process waste can fill up before their time. If you don't empty or pump out an overflowing tank right away, it can push waste back into your home. An overflowing tank may also clog up with waste and potentially leak into your yard.

The best way to salvage your septic tank and prevent the issues above is to pump it out now.

How Do You Service Your Septic Tank?

You can pump out your septic tank safely by hiring a septic tank contractor. A contractor will first need to inspect the tank to see why it fills up with waste so quickly. A contractor will remove the cap or lid from your tank and inspect the inside of it. 

If waste spills out of the tank after a contractor opens it, the tank may be too small for your home. In this case, a contractor will pump the tank and suggest you replace it as soon as you can. The old tank may back up with waste again in the future.

If the tank isn't too small, a contractor will pump it. A contractor will then inspect the inside of the tank. If the tank contains broken or clogged parts, such as a blocked inlet pipe, a contractor can empty it out for you. The inlet pipe can clog up with tree roots, toilet paper, and other waste during the year. Your tank should process waste properly after the cleaning.  

You can find the septic tank services you need by contacting a septic pumping company for solutions today.