Signs That You Potentially Need To Repair Your Septic Tank

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Signs That You Potentially Need To Repair Your Septic Tank

18 October 2019
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Your home's septic tank operates quietly in the background with needing much attention. However, the day may come where it is in need of repair. Here are some signs that you have an impending problem with your septic tank that should be addressed.

Wet Soil

All of the soil above your drainfield should be dry when you walk on it. If it hasn't rained in a while and the ground is soggy, you know you have a problem due to the sewage traveling upward. This is definitely an indication that you have a problem with a damaged drainfield, since that's the only place moisture could be coming from.

Outdoor Odors

Your septic tank should not have any odor when you are next to where the tank is buried. If you do smell something bad, this is due to a problem with the drainfield being damaged. That water waste may have nowhere to go and is now seeping upward towards the surface where you can smell it. This problem will require the drainfield to be repaired or replaced, which depends on what kind of damage you have in the drainfield. 

Growing Grass

Is the grass above the drainfield growing much faster than the rest of the grass in your yard? This could be due to the grass being fertilized deep in the soil from sewage that is stuck in the ground due to a damaged drainfield. If you have fast-growing grass and an odor in the same area, it is very easy to narrow down the problem to it being drainfield related. 

Gurgling Pipes

Pay attention to the sound that comes from the drain in your home. It is not normal for there to be a gurgling sound, which is a big warning sign that something is wrong. While it could mean that the tank is full and needs to be pumped, it could also mean that you have damaged pipes that require repair. 

Flushing Problems

Flushing problems are not always due to someone putting too much toilet paper down the drain. Much like with gurgling, this could also be caused by a damaged pipe. You'll need a plumber to put a camera down the drain to see what is happening within the pipe.

These are just a handful of signs of a damaged septic tank. For help diagnosing a problem with your home's septic tank, you can reach out to a septic tank service company in your area like American Septic Service for assistance.