Clues That Tell You That There's A Problem With Your Septic System

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Clues That Tell You That There's A Problem With Your Septic System

30 August 2019
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When you have a property that has a septic tank system instead of being hooked up to the public sewage lines, you will need to make sure that you are well aware of the clues that tell you that there is something going wrong in the system. The more you know what to look for, the better prepared you will be to take action so your septic tank can be repaired quickly. Here are a few of the things that you are going to want to keep an eye out for.

There Is A Stench That Won't Go Away

This is a smell that might start off subtle but will quickly become overpowering. It will be a stench like nothing else, and you will know that it is the smell of sewage waste. Once you start to notice this smell, you will want to quickly get in touch with a septic tank repair specialist. It is most likely that you have a crack in your tank, if you have been keeping up with the pumping schedule. However, if you have missed the opportune time to pump the tank and it has been a long time, it could be that the tank is now overflowing.

There Is Wetness In The Yard

If you did happen to forget to pump the tank and it is overflowing, then your yard will begin to become saturated. This can also happen if the drain line has a small crack or a complete break somewhere between your home and the septic tank. That wetness you feel in the yard is septic wastewater so you will want to disinfect any shoes you wore walking through that area, then proceed to make sure that no one else ventures over there. It is a toxic area until the problem is resolved, and the rainwater has washed away all of the sewage wastewater.

There Is A Slowness To Your Drains Now

Fill the sink or the tub and then pull the plug on the drain. Is the water now taking a lot more time when going down the drain? If it is taking a lot longer for all of the water to disappear down the drains, then it could be that there is something wrong with the septic tank. It could also be that there is a problem with the drain line that connects to the tank. Then again, the drain line could be broken somewhere between the sink and the tank and it will need to be repaired or completely replaced. You will need a septic tank repair technician to examine all of the septic system parts to determine the exact cause of the problem and to figure out how it will need to be fixed.

Should you find that you are having some trouble with your septic system now, you will want to call for help right away. 

For more information on drain line repair and other septic tank services, contact a septic services company in your area.