Would Installing A Riser Make Septic Pumping Easier At Your Home?

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Would Installing A Riser Make Septic Pumping Easier At Your Home?

22 July 2019
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One of the most important things you can do when your home has a septic tank is get the tank pumped every couple of years. Getting it pumped is a way to get the tank emptied so that there is room for your waste and doing this on schedule can help prevent problems. If your system is on the older side, the company handling the septic pumping might recommend putting in a riser while they are there pumping your tank. If so, here are several things to understand about risers on septic systems.

What is a riser?

A riser is a device that is typically made out of concrete and is placed over the opening of a septic tank. The purpose of a riser is to make it easier to access the tank of the system for pumping, and these are used with older systems, as older systems were generally buried in the ground without access on the ground. With a riser, you will see exactly where your septic tank is, as a riser has a lid on it that is at ground level. When a septic pumping company comes to pump your system, they would instantly know where to go to pump it, as the riser would show them where the system is.

Why would you need one?

The main reason you would need a riser is if your system does not have one. Newer systems always have risers on them, while older systems do not. In the past, septic systems were hidden, simply to keep them out of sight. Because of this, it made it difficult for septic tank companies to find the systems in order to pump them. If you cannot see the lid of your system at ground level, you should consider getting a riser installed.

Are there benefits of getting one?

There are several benefits of getting a riser if you need one, and the first benefit is that you will always have the reminder that your home has a septic tank. With this reminder, you might be more likely to get your system pumped on schedule. Secondly, you may pay less for septic pumping services, as the company would not need to spend time trying to locate your system. Finally, when you need your tank pumped, the company would not have to dig up a hole to access the lid of the tank, and this too is a benefit as your yard would be better protected if you had a riser.

If you currently have not had your tank pumped for several years, now is a good time to call. While the septic tank company is there, you may want to talk to them about getting a riser installed on your system if it needs one, as this could be beneficial for you.