Signs That Your Septic System Is Failing And Needs To Be Replaced

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Signs That Your Septic System Is Failing And Needs To Be Replaced

20 May 2019
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The septic system for your home will provide you with years of wastewater management, as long as you take care of the system and deal with problems as they occur. Once your system starts to fail, you may need to have your entire septic system replaced. A septic tank will last up to 40 years or more, while a leach field will provide continual service for around 20 years. As your system gets older, you may begin to notice issues with your septic system that can be addressed. The tank will need to be pumped out every other year, or more often if necessary. When your plumbing is not working properly, it's time to investigate further.

Sewage Backup in the Home

If sewage is backing up into your home, this is a plumbing emergency. If you have a septic system, this means it is either full or there is a complete clog in the main sewer line. You will need to have the tank pumped out to clear up the issue, or have the clog removed by a professional. If you notice the water doesn't drain while you are taking a shower or washing the dishes, this can indicate that your tank is almost full or a blockage is building up.

Standing Water in the Yard

If you find standing water near your leach field, or damp areas near the septic tank, this means your wastewater is not being processed correctly by your septic system. Standing water is wastewater, and it will have a distinctive odor. Stay away from any puddles that you find, especially if it hasn't rained in some time. Call for septic services to come and assess the situation to determine if you need to have your septic system replaced.

Lush, Bright Green Grass

When you have a bright, lush area of green grass growing right over your leach field or near your septic tank, this is a warning sign. You may find that the area is spongy, even when the weather has been dry for weeks. Bright green grass is a sign that your grass is being fertilized by the wastewater that isn't leaving your property through your septic system.

To avoid septic system emergencies, have your tank inspected each year. Your system needs to be cleaned out every other year, and any problems should be addressed right away to avoid complications. For more information, contact companies like Autry's Backhoe & Septic Service.