What To Do If Your Septic Tank Is Damaged

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What To Do If Your Septic Tank Is Damaged

27 February 2019
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In a municipal sewer system, the impact of the cleaning products you use may not be of much significance to you. However, if your house or building has its own septic system, you have to be very careful with what you allow into your septic tank.

Cleaning products may be able to clean your house but they may have a completely different effect on your septic system once they go down the drain. Are the products used to clean septic tanks safe for that purpose?

Do Septic Tanks Even Need Cleaning?

The idea of cleaning a septic tank may not seem to make much sense. Septic tanks are supposed to handle waste, therefore, they are not expected to be clean, right? Cleanliness in a septic tank isn't the conventional kind of cleaning.

Every now and then, the septic tank may stop breaking down the organic matter with the same efficiency that it used to. This usually happens if something is disrupting the normal functioning of the bacteria that are supposed to break down the organic matter that goes into the septic system. When there is this buildup of organic matter, you may experience issues such as backflow of wastewater and foul odors from the septic system.

How Can Septic Tanks Be Cleaned?

The standard way of cleaning out septic tanks is pumping out the sludge and scum after a few years. Smaller septic tanks may need pumping once every year. The sludge and scum are byproducts of the waste processing done by the bacteria. Given enough time, the scum and sludge can affect the ability of the bacteria to do its job. Therefore, these will have to be pumped out to give the septic tank a fresh start. Contact a company like A Aaron Super Rooter Sewer & Septic to ensure that your septic system is pumped effectively to ensure the efficiency of your system. 

Are Chemical Cleaners Necessary?

Sometimes, people will use chemical cleaners to clean their septic tanks. Unless your septic cleaning product is especially recommended by a septic services expert, you should think twice about using it. These cleaners are usually used when you need to clean out the entire septic system up to the drain field. This can be necessitated by a buildup of organic material and lack of sufficient bacteria in the septic system.

Prevention Works Best

When it comes to having a cleaning septic system, prevention is the best approach. By avoiding household cleaners that can kill the helpful bacteria in the system, you probably won't need to use septic cleaning products in the future. You can also recharge the bacteria regularly.