Having an Outside Event? 3 Types of Portable Toilets for Your Guests

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Having an Outside Event? 3 Types of Portable Toilets for Your Guests

27 February 2019
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If you are having an outside event, you need to consider how you will keep your guests comfortable in different situations. One of these things you should consider is providing your guests with a place to use the restroom if there are no restroom facilities close to your event. In order to do this, you can use portable toilets. Below are three types of these toilets to choose from so you can get things set up.

Flushing Portable Toilet

One type of portable toilet that is popular is toilets that have a flushing mechanism. This will keep the toilet clean and reduce odors. The toilet can be flushed via a hand or foot pump. Once flushed, the chemicals in the toilet start to circulate as the waste is dropped into the tank. The tank is closed off while the portable toilet is being used to cut down on more odors. These portable toilets can also be outfitted with dispensers for hand sanitizers, as well as a sink for hot and cold water.

Main Water Line Portable Toilet

Another type of portable toilet is one that connects to the main water line. This will work well if your event is close to water pipes. This type of toilet works much like a toilet in a home. When the toilet is flushed, the waste goes directly into the water sewage system. These toilets can also have a cold or hot water sink and hand sanitizers.

Luxury Portable Toilets

If you are having a high-end event, you should consider a luxury chemical portable toilet. This type has a flushable, stainless steel toilet along with a large tank. The flushing system used works much like an indoor toilet at a home. The tank used has a large capacity so this would work well if you will have a lot of people at your event. These toilets come with extra features, such as solar-powered lights. This is beneficial as you will not have to worry about using a generator. The luxury toilets can also have mirrors and shelving units to put things like hand sanitizers, hand lotion, hand towels, and more. The sink is mounted to the wall of the unit.

To learn more about other types of portable toilets, contact a company that you can rent these toilets from for your event, such as Five Star Septic Service And Portable Toilet Rentals. The company can install the toilet for you. This may also require the company to hire a toilet if a water line is used during installation.