3 Critical Reasons Why Your Outdoor Event Needs Portable Restrooms

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3 Critical Reasons Why Your Outdoor Event Needs Portable Restrooms

27 February 2019
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Have you been planning some sort of outdoor gathering or party for this summer? Are you making sure that you have thought of everything when it comes to making your guests happy and comfortable? Chances are good that you've inadvertently forgotten or overlooked one important aspect of your event: where people will go to relieve themselves. While it may not be a topic that people want to think about too much, it is nevertheless an essential question. Even if the location has restroom facilities on-site, you may not be able to rely on them for some of the following reasons:

Insufficient numbers: Depending on exactly where you're holding the event, the location may only have a handful of restrooms with perhaps two or three stalls each. When you're hosting a large event or gathering for a hundred people or more, then this number can quickly become woefully inadequate. If you don't want your guests to wind up standing in long lines and unable to enjoy your event, you should consider getting some portable restroom facilities from a company like RCS Inc to help with the issue. Even just one or two units can help to reduce the lines significantly, allowing your guests more time to enjoy your event instead of waiting for a toilet.

Handicap facilities: Due to insufficient budgets, it's not unusual for outdoor venues to have woefully non-ADA-compliant restroom facilities. This may mean that a person who is using a mobility aid may have trouble accessing the restroom itself, or there may actually be no handicap facilities available at all. Fortunately, there are portable restroom facilities available that even wheelchair users can access with relative ease. Instead of potentially having guests leave to find a restroom to use somewhere else and then not coming back, you can know that all of your guests have sufficient access to restroom facilities.

Cleanliness: Some locations simply don't have the budget for proper maintenance of whatever restroom facilities do exist. This may simply take the form of having insufficient toilet paper available, but it may also mean that the restrooms as a whole look dingy, have obvious leaks, and/or have a bad smell. None of these are things that your guests are going to want to put up with. Luckily for you, every portable restroom unit is cleaned and restocked before it is sent out on a job. This often results in them being significantly more attractive to use than whatever facilities already exist.