Signs That Septic Tank Pumping Is In The Near Future

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Signs That Septic Tank Pumping Is In The Near Future

26 February 2019
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Septic tank pumping is a job that virtually all homeowners and businesses with such systems will eventually need to handle. You obviously don't want to pay for the work more often than necessary, but you also won't want to take chances with your setup. Keeping an eye out for these four potential indicators of trouble, though, will let you know when it's time to contact a septic tank pumping services company.

Bad Smells

The gases that build up when systems are not working efficiently tend to provide the first hints that something might be up. Among the earliest places you'll notice these smells is around the heating vents, particularly if you have a forced-air furnace installed in a basement. You should also check the basement, if there is one at your place, for smells.

Locations that tie into the sewage system frequently emit smells, too. Sink and shower drains, in particular, tend to be places where unusual odors occur. You may also notice smells collecting in areas with limited ventilation, such as the top of the steps on any floor of the house.

Slow Draining

Another early indicator to watch out for is when systems drain, but not especially well. High-volume items tend to be the most prone to these issues, so you should see the first trouble occur with things like your dishwasher or washing machine. If you're just seeing the problem with one drain, it's worth verifying whether there might be a clog. Once a clog has been ruled out, you can then look at options like septic tank pumping.

Sewage or Water Backing Up

Water or sewage may back up into your building once the system is jammed up enough. The first place it will typically pool is in the basement or wherever the lowest point in the structure is. Many backups are slow draining, so you may only see stain lines along the wall indicating where they were when the backup occurred. If there's standing water or sewage that doesn't drain at all, you should contact a professional immediately. Regardless of the situation, you'll need to clean the area with bleach once the problem has been resolved, and you may need to contact a cleanup technician.

Outside Issues

Once a septic tank has failed, the ground above it will become damp. You might also spot sewage outside if the issue has been ongoing for a while.

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