How Jet-Vac Services Can Help Reduce Flooding By Clearing Out Your Storm Sewer System

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How Jet-Vac Services Can Help Reduce Flooding By Clearing Out Your Storm Sewer System

27 July 2020
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Storm sewer lines frequently suffer from obstructions. Dirt and sand are the main culprits (they enter the system due to erosion caused by heavy rainfall), but trash is a major factor as well. Cigarette butts, bottles, food packaging, and other forms of litter are all easily washed down into storm drains, and they can quickly form major obstructions within the storm sewer system.

Thankfully, you can easily remove all obstructions from your storm sewers by hiring a Jet-Vac service. Read on to find out why frequent cleaning is important and why a Jet-Vac is the best choice for storm sewers.

Why Do Storm Sewers Need Frequent Cleaning?

An obstruction in the storm sewer system can cause localized flooding during heavy rainfall. Streets may become impassable due to deep floodwaters, and residents will begin to complain.

Localized flooding also tends to worsen obstructions. In suburban areas, the water on the street may rise above the level of the curb. Floodwater can erode lawns, washing dirt and gravel further downstream. Eventually, some of it will wind up in the storm sewer system.

Besides localized flooding, dirt and sand in the storm sewer will cause impaired performance across the entire storm drainage system. They build up on the bottom of the pipes, reducing the amount of water that can flow through.

What Makes a Jet-Vac the Best Choice for Storm Sewer Cleaning?

Jet-Vac services are able to quickly remove debris from storm sewer systems. A Jet-Vac is a truck-mounted device that consists of a hydro jet and a vacuum. The hydro jet nozzle is fed into a portion of the storm sewer system, and then water from the truck is pumped into it via a hose.

The narrow opening on the nozzle significantly increases the pressure of the water, causing it to spray out violently and push debris further along the storm sewage system. The nozzle rotates so that all of the buildup is removed, and the turbulent water even removes built-up dirt and sand caked on the bottom of the storm sewer.

While the hydro jet is being pushed through a section of storm sewer, the vacuum apparatus waits further downstream. The vacuum sucks all of the water and debris into a holding tank, which prevents it from forming another clog in the storm sewer system or spilling out into the waterways.

By working together, the hydro jet and vacuum in the Jet-Vac system are able to quickly clear out sections of the storm sewage system, removing all obstructions and letting water flow freely through them again.

It's best to Jet-Vac your storm sewer system during periods of frequent rain, as this is when debris are most often washed into the storm drains. It's also the time period when your storm sewer system needs to be functioning at its peak. When you clean your storm sewer lines frequently using Jet-Vac services, you'll minimize flooding and also prevent contaminants and trash from affecting your local waterways.